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Ferdinand Plaku, the owner and head chef at Rebeka didn't always live in East Lyme, Connecticut. As a boy he lived in Albania, and always had a dream of working and opening his own successful restaurant. He moved to Venice, Italy and at a young age began to work as a chef in various restaurants, eventually saving up enough money to open his first restaurant in Venice, named Acquario. From 2005 to 2012 and was very successful, but he wanted something else. 
rebeka family photo
fresh pasta being made

He sold his restaurant and started another in a different area of Venice. He named this restaurant Rebeka after his daughter Rebeka Plaku. 

After seeing how well received it was in Venice, he decided to take his restaurant and move it along with his family to the United States as was his dream to live here. "Anywhere is home when you have your family at your side" says Ferdinand 

He has been devoted to making an incredible restaurant to provide for his family and he has succeeded! Rebeka is a huge success, with Facebook reviews averaging a 4.9 out of 80 total reviews. People cannot get enough of the food! 


Rebeka fresh pasta (another name the restaurant goes by) essentially describes their mission. To bring fresh pasta dishes and other cuisine from Italy to the US, along with other fresh home made dishes that you really can't find anywhere else!

Stop by today to see why we are one of the best italian restaurants in Connecticut!  

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